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Insights Aplenty in Federal Reserve Payments Study

When most people think of the Federal Reserve – if they consider it at all – it’s when the Fed raises or lowers interest rates. But monetary policy is only one of the tasks the Fed engages in. It also conducts in-depth research...

Senate Scrutinizes Campus Cards

Christina Lindstrom, an official with the advocacy group US PIRG, testified that campus card arrangements are costly and unnecessary. “Right now students are being hit with high fees that are hard to avoid as they try to access...

FICO Score 9, available Fall 2014.
FICO Score 9, available Fall 2014.
FICO Score 9, available Fall 2014.

FICO Score 9: Latest Credit Score Version Could Save You Thousands

The new FICO Score 9 is coming out this fall, and it looks very positive for many U.S. consumers. Once implemented and used by lenders, it should help many with poor credit or limited credit histories. Ultimately, this could me...
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One-third of Americans in Debt and Facing Collection

Have a few blemishes on your credit report? You're not alone. According to a new study from the Urban Institute, over one-third of Americans had debt in collections in 2013. The debts averaged $5,178 and include debt like medic...