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Dave Ramsey Chimes In On The Rise of the Prepaid Debit Card

Dave Ramsey Chimes In On The Rise of the Prepaid Debit Card
Dave Ramsey Chimes In On The Rise of the Prepaid Debit Card

One would only need to turn on their television to know that prepaid debit cards are on the rise.  Added to the mix is a growing crop of celebrities endorsing one card or the other.  Prepaid Debit cards are popping up everywhere with uses ranging from tax returns to IRAs, but so are the fees associated with them.

According to a recent article by Dave Ramsey, depending on your card of choice, you might be charged for any of the following:  buying the card, monthly maintenance, uploading money, inactivity, ATM withdrawal, card decline, making a purchase in-store or online, speaking with a customer service representative, and even using the automated customer service system.  Some cards even charge you $.50 just for checking your balance.  While most acknowledge at least seven different fees, some cards have as many as fifteen regular fees at nearly $3 a pop, these charges add up fast.

Users are expected to load over $200 billion dollars onto prepaid debit cards this year alone.  Originally targeting people without bank accounts, Ramsey believes most cards are taking advantage of the poor and financially struggling, much like “their destructive cousin, the payday loan.”

There is simply no substitute for budgeting and smart money management.  Whether it’s a checking account or a prepaid debit card, it pays to shop around.  Here at, we take all the guesswork out of the process to help you get the best deals available to you.

Dave Ramsey is the founder of The Lampo Group.  He specializes in counseling families hurting from the results of financial stress and teaches how recognizing money myths and replacing them with truth is a powerful way to take hold of your greatest wealth-building tool:  your income.

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