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USAA Secured Card® Platinum Visa® Card Review

USAA Secured Card Platinum Visa
USAA Secured Card Platinum Visa
USAA Secured Card Platinum Visa


Product Details: USAA Secured Card® Platinum Visa®
  • USAA Eligibility Requirement: Today, USAA membership is only open to U.S. military service members, veterans who have received a discharge type of Honorable, and their eligible family members.
  • It's a real credit card - not a prepaid or debit card, that helps you build or improve your credit score.
  • When you apply - you'll also be opening a USAA 2-year Certificate of Deposit (CD), an interest-earning deposit account that has a two-year term and a $250-minimum initial deposit.
  • Your CD is a security deposit - the money you put in upfront, from $250 to $5,000, is the card's credit limit.
  • Earn interest on your CD - your deposit is guaranteed to grow. Plus the money is yours to keep as long as you don't default on your payments.
  • Start building your credit - opening a CD lets you get a credit card even if you don't have a credit history or have bad credit.
  • Chip technology has added security when used at a chip-enabled terminal and greater acceptance worldwide.
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Things We Like

- Low 10.15% to 20.15% APR
- Accepted everywhere Visa is accepted
- Auto rental insurance
- Travel accident insurance

Things We Dislike

- $35 annual fee is on the higher side
- Difficulty in upgrading to an unsecured card

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Curtis Arnold



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