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U.S. Money Prepaid MasterCard Review



Average Monthly Fees and Costs:

Product Details:
  • Activation fee $5.95
  • Monthly fee $4.95
  • $14.95 NSF fee for unauthorized use of personalized checks
  • FDIC insured
  • Daily balance alerts
    Activation Fee: $5.95
    Monthly Fee: $3.00
    Card Limit: $10,000
    PIN Transaction Fee: $.50
    Signature Transaction Fee: $0.00
    ATM Withdrawal Fee: $1.50
    ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00
    ATM Out of Network Withdrawal Fee: $1.50
    ATM Out of Network Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00
    ATM Withdrawal Limit: $2,000
    Bill Payment Fee: N/A
    Bill Payment Limit: N/A
    Bank Teller Cash Fee: $4.95
    Bill Pay Expedited Service Fee: N/A
    Inactivity/Maintenance Fee: N/A
    Cash Load Fee (* asterisk indicates third party fees): $4.95
    Wire Fee: N/A
    ACH Debit Fee: N/A
    Card Purchases (SIgnature) Daily Limit: $5,000
    Card Purchases (PIN) Daily Limit: $5,000
    Send Money Limit: N/A
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Things We Like

Automatic text alerts and the availability of personalized checks (though be very careful before you actually use one).

Things We Dislike

Lots of fees.

Posted October 2, 2015 by

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Sometimes novelty alone just isn’t enough. Case in point: The U.S. Money Prepaid MasterCard has a few features that, while unique, are accompanied by hefty fees. One such feature is personalized money checks. Pitched as an alternative to expensive money orders, U.S. Money Card holders can get three checks for $3.95, although keep in mind that it costs an additional $1.50 for check authorization and clearing. So, depending on what you are paying for money orders, this may or may not be a cheaper alternative. Also bear in mind that you have to call the company and pre-fund each check and get an authorization code before actually using it. Failing to do so subjects you to a $14.95 fee. Study the terms of these checks closely before using one.

There are other fees to be wary of. It’s true that this card offers free SMS text balance and transaction alerts to keep you informed about account activity. Unfortunately, that’s a much-needed feature because, unlike most cards on the market, there is a charge for insufficient funds. Other unusual fees include a $2.95 monthly fee for secondary cards, account-to-account transfer fees of $1.50 as well as fees in case a purchase is declined and for getting help from bank tellers.

Bottom line: The fees on this card are very high and the features, while interesting, are not enough to make up for the many charges.



Curtis Arnold



    C Trip

    They just canceled my account after 3 years with them. No notice and no reason other then it came from compliance department who I could not talk to. Left me hanging with bills and payments incoming and outgoing. Never had a company act so poorly.


    C Trip, sorry you had to experience that. That seems very odd that a company would immediately cancel an account with no notice. First time I have heard of something like that on our site. I hope you were able to easily get any money you may have had on the account.

    I wonder if there was some technical glitch that deactivated your account by mistake. Hopefully, you will have a better experience with another company. Wishing you the best for your next prepaid card. Take a look at some of our top cards here:

    I would think with the bank issued cards you would not experience that. And you may get lower fees to boot!

    C Trip

    Just an update. It took them 2 full weeks to get me a check for the remaining funds and when it does arrive they have over paid me. I call them to tell them that I was over paid and they are not listening. So at some random point in the future I am sure they will pull the funds with no notice to me.

    Corryn Gresham

    Coincidentally, they also cancelled my account and are keeping my money. When I tried to get legitimate info on who to hold accountable and where to file my claim, I was given the Metropolitan Commercial Bank with a Georgia address. Well as it turns out, the address belongs to FirstView Financial Bank. If you call to inquire why they are claiming to be one bank at another banks address, yet neither bank holds any account that matches my card, they get mad and hang up on me?!?!?! So then who is accountable for this card and how has this been allowed to go on?? I have now read about 15 similar complaints by U.S. Money card holders, all including the cancellation of their accounts with no prior notice, and a very rude and incompetent customer service. They only will list one number and one address and only one e-mail, no info about management or contacting a CEO, you can only speak with a “manager” of the card. But when I asked exactly who there CEO and President of their company is, I was given the name Jerry Uffner, which is the CEO of FirstView bank, not Metropolitan Commercial Bank in NY?!?!?!? There is some really elaborate scam going on here and when you try to get to the bottom of it, it just gets deeper.


      This truly sounds unbelievable. It does sound like something very strange going on here. As you see from the earlier comment, we have received a complaint before about the company closing an account out of the blue. They eventually did get their money back, but it took a couple of weeks. I would definitely recommend going with a different card, but be persistent in trying to get your money back, especially if it is not just a small sum. I did try to call the number listed on the website, but I stopped the process when they asked for my 16 digit card number. I did not hear an option for if you did not have a number.

      I did a bit of digging as well and went to the Metropolitan Commercial Bank website. It looks like they are the issuer of the card, but they do not appear to be the ones that own the program. Below is from their website. This is the link. If you can not find someone to speak with from the company that runs the US Money card, go to this link and contact the person at the bottom of the page. He should be able to point you in the right direction.

      I am sorry you are having to deal with this, and I wish you the best of luck with sorting this all out. Please keep us updated on your progress and anything further you find out. With this kind of hidden practice, we can not recommend this card. I am dropping their star ratings right now.


      < < FROM THEIR SITE >>
      Issuing Bank
      Metropolitan Commercial Bank serves as an issuing bank for prepaid debit card programs nationwide. Highlighted below are the benefits that program managers realize by using us as an issuing bank for their prepaid debit card program.
      Principal Member of MasterCard, Plus and Visa (Sponsor of both Visa and MasterCard Programs) with membership in the following regional networks: Accel, NYCE, Pulse and STAR
      We provide full program sponsorship for General Purpose Reloadable (GPR), Payroll, Corporate, Incentive, Commission, Rebates, and Gift programs.
      Integration with the top prepaid processors in the industry.
      Support of e-wallet and mobile programs.
      Extensive Regulatory and Compliance support including AML and BSA transaction monitoring.
      Provide daily settlement activities including ACH, Third Party Load Networks, ATM Networks and card prefunding activities.


    I just had 200 dollars and now I have 28 dollar like I nvr experienced nothing like this I had a bill I was saving for now I just dnt no what to do its thanksgiving now my lights gonna be cut off did some one hack my account


      I apologize on the delayed response. We were out for the holidays. I would recommend calling your bank or card issuer to find out what the problem may be. If fraud, they have procedures in place to get the money refunded.

      Please comment back to let us know how things are moving toward getting your money back.

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