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NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card (FeeAdvantage)



Average Monthly Fees and Costs:

Product Details:
  • Get Paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit paychecks and government benefit checks
  • Get your tax refund faster when you e-file and use direct deposit
  • 100% Approval - No credit check needed (ID verification required).
  • Earn cash back with NetSpend Payback Rewards
  • Real-time activity alerts sent to your mobile phone.
  • Prescription Discounts - up to 55% off.
  • Funds are FDIC insured up to the current coverage limit (ID verification required).
Activation Fee: $0.00
Monthly Fee: $9.95
Card Limit: N/A
PIN Transaction Fee: $0.00
Signature Transaction Fee: $0.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee: $0.00
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $0.00
ATM Out of Network Withdrawal Fee: $2.50
ATM Out of Network Balance Inquiry Fee: $0.50
ATM Withdrawal Limit: N/A
Bill Payment Fee: $0.00
Bill Payment Limit: N/A
Bank Teller Cash Fee: $2.5 + 3.5% Transaction Fee
Bill Pay Expedited Service Fee: $0.00
Inactivity/Maintenance Fee: $5.95
Cash Load Fee (* asterisk indicates third party fees): $3.95 *$0.00 - $3.95
Wire Fee: $0.00
ACH Debit Fee: $0.00
Card Purchases (SIgnature) Daily Limit: N/A
Card Purchases (PIN) Daily Limit: N/A
Send Money Limit: N/A
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Things We Like

There’s no activation fee for any of the cards and the Pay As You Go card has no monthly charge.

Things We Dislike

What we don’t like: A $2.50 charge for each and every ATM withdrawal is steep. The PIN and transaction fees charged by the Pay As You Go card also make it hard to avoid charges to access your own cash.

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NetSpend  prepaid debit cards come in 3 variety's: Pay As You Go, Premier and Fee Advantage.. Despite the choices, our analysis finds that NetSpend prepaid debit cards all share one unfortunate commonality: Lots of fee Despite the choices, our analysis finds that NetSpend prepaid debit cards all share one unfortunate commonality: Lots of fees. To give just a sampling of those charges, Fee Advantage and Premier have monthly fees of $9.95 and $5.00, respectively. Although the Pay As You Go card does not levy a monthly fee, the $2.00 charge for all PIN transactions and the $1.00 hit for any signature purchases can make up for that fast. If you want to withdraw cash from an ATM with any of the cards (and who wouldn’t?), you are going to rack up another $2.50 for each visit to the cash machine. Of course, you can try to avoid that charge by getting cash back when you make purchases (remember, the Pay As You Go card charges $1.00 to do this). But the problem with that strategy is that you can usually only get a limited amount of cash back, which may or may not be enough to meet your needs. Another limiting factor with these cards can be paying for specific items, like gasoline. In order to pay at the pump, you must have a minimum balance of between $55 and $100. Each time you buy gas, NetSpend holds $55 for the merchant. So if you only have say $20 on the card and you need gas, you will be out of luck. On the positive side, direct deposits are free (if you deposit $500 or more per month) as well as text alerts and online account management.   Bottom line: While these cards are FDIC insured, you can do better in the fees department with plenty other cards on the market.

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