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AccountNow Visa Prepaid Classic (Bancorp Bank)



Average Monthly Fees and Costs:

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Product Details:
  • 100% Approval Guaranteed (subject to I.D. Verification)
  • $0 Monthly Fee
  • No Minimum Balance
  • No Credit Check. No Overdraft Fee
  • Free Direct Deposit and Online Bill Payment
Activation Fee: $4.95
Monthly Fee: $0.00
Card Limit: N/A
PIN Transaction Fee: $1.00
Signature Transaction Fee: $1.00
ATM Withdrawal Fee: $2.50
ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00
ATM Out of Network Withdrawal Fee: $2.50
ATM Out of Network Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00
ATM Withdrawal Limit: $300.00
Bill Payment Fee: $0.00
Bill Payment Limit: N/A
Bank Teller Cash Fee: $15.00
Bill Pay Expedited Service Fee: $0.00
Inactivity/Maintenance Fee: N/A
Cash Load Fee (* asterisk indicates third party fees): $3.95 *$3.95 - $4.95
Wire Fee: N/A
ACH Debit Fee: $2.50
Card Purchases (SIgnature) Daily Limit: $2,000.00
Card Purchases (PIN) Daily Limit: $2,000.00
Send Money Limit: $3,000.00
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Things We Like

Bill pay and text alerts can allow you to pay online and to keep tabs on the balance left on the card. Direct deposits are free, and Visa branding means wide acceptance. And there is no monthly maintenance fee.

Things We Dislike

Fees, fees and more fees. Card purchases cost $1, as does checking your balance at an ATM (it can be $1.50 depending on which bank issues the card). Withdrawals are $2.50, plus any fee the ATM owner charges, and an ATM decline dings customers for $1. Cash load networks charge $3.95 or more to load money onto your card. Even without a maintenance fee, charges add up fast.

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These cards can save you money if you’ve been handing over a percentage of your check at a check-cashing store. And loading the card is free if you use direct deposit. Cards are issued by Metabank or The Bancorp Bank, and fees vary slightly. If you use the cards to make purchases or to withdraw money from ATMs, less-expensive options are available. It is difficult to recommend this card when others have lower fees, more features and greater flexibility.

Card Highlights…

Deposits are FDIC insured. AccountNow cards are issued by banks, so deposits are covered. No credit check and guaranteed acceptance. This can give people who are unable to qualify for traditional bank accounts access to similar services. (Note that this is true for all prepaid debit cards.) Visa branding. The card is accepted wherever Visa credit and debit cards are. Many fees. Signature or PIN transactions cost $1 each, and there is a fee for checking your balance at an ATM. Withdrawing money from a U.S. ATM costs $2.50 per transaction plus any charges from the ATM owner. (The site suggests getting cash back after PIN transactions to avoid these charges at ATMs.) Bill pay and mobile text alerts. You can easily pay your bills with the cards. And if you check your balance or pay your bills online, you won’t have to pay a fee.

The Gold card has a $9.95 per month maintenance fee but there is no fee for transactions.



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