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Kroger Debit Card Review and Rating



Average Monthly Fees and Costs:

Product Details:
  • $3 monthly account fee
  • Mobile banking app for Android and iPhone
  • Rewards program
  • Receive $10 cash back when you sign up for direct deposit
      Activation Fee: $3.00
      Monthly Fee: $3.00
      Card Limit: N/A
      PIN Transaction Fee: $0.00
      Signature Transaction Fee: $0.00
      ATM Withdrawal Fee: $0.00
      ATM Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00
      ATM Out of Network Withdrawal Fee: $2.00
      ATM Out of Network Balance Inquiry Fee: $1.00
      ATM Withdrawal Limit: N/A
      Bill Payment Fee: N/A
      Bill Payment Limit: N/A
      Bank Teller Cash Fee: N/A
      Bill Pay Expedited Service Fee: N/A
      Inactivity/Maintenance Fee: N/A
      Cash Load Fee (* asterisk indicates third party fees): $3.00
      Wire Fee: N/A
      ACH Debit Fee: N/A
      Card Purchases (SIgnature) Daily Limit: N/A
      Card Purchases (PIN) Daily Limit: N/A
      Send Money Limit: N/A
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Things We Like

Solid rewards program.

Things We Dislike

This card carries a lot of fees.

PostedAugust 5, 2017 by

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The Kroger Debit Card (also called the 1-2-3-Rewards Prepaid Visa Card) is from the supermarket chain Kroger touts itself as “no ordinary prepaid card—it’s a prepaid card that rewards you just for shopping.” And that is certainly true. The card allows you to earn free groceries as well as bonus fuel discounts and other savings at participating stores. However these benefits come with a downside: Lots of fees. Among other things, the Kroger card charges a monthly fee, ATM fees, and cash reload fees that can really add up.

Here’s how the debit card rewards program works. You earn one point for every dollar you spend, two points for every dollar spent in one of the Kroger® Family of Stores, and three points for every dollar spent on any Kroger brand products. For every 1,000 points accumulated, a cardholder earns $5 in free groceries. In addition, use of the 1-2-3 Rewards card to purchase gas at select stations earns users a discount of $.05 per gallon.

While these benefits will appeal to some, we calculate that typical usage of the card will rack up fees of around $100 per year. That’s a lot to pay for supposedly free groceries.

Bottom line: Careful consideration of how you use this card is vital. Will the rewards be worth the fees you might have to pay? For many people, that won’t be the case.


Shane Tripcony



    thressa murphy

    this is absolute crap for customer service. for over a year i could access my account online via google chrome. now they have updated it so you can ONLY access via explorer. who the hell updates and takes things AWAY? seriously? when i tried to log on it wouldn’t accept my password. so i do a password reset. i make sure everything is right and matches and meets requirements and it keeps saying that the new password (where you verify the password) does not match and it DOES. I’m told to try again and they will submit an escalation ticket. i try again and NOW when i put in my pin number … it says invalid characters. jeez … whoever does the support and tech for this car and website should have gone to school!


    I am sorry to hear of the technical woes! Unfortunately, I have seen that happen with other sites, and applications, too. I agree, and it is frustrating – who takes things AWAY? I guess the new, “updated” system is a bit of a step back in some areas…

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