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Target Data Breach Spawns Consumer Advisory

The now infamous Target data breach continues to have ripple effects. On January 27th, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) issued a consumer advisory with tips on what to do if someone suspects they are a victim of ...

Potential Security Breach at Michaels Stores

If a cyber attack on Michaels is confirmed, it will be just the latest in a string of high profile data thefts directed at national retailers.


Banks Sponsor Prepaid Debit Cards

The recent announcement about wireless carrier T-Mobile’s new prepaid debit card has highlighted the popularity of this still relatively new financial product among banks. According to a recent article in The Washington Post, b...

New FBI Prepaid Card Scam – Alert By Better Business Bureau

Criminals have certainly been hard at work lately. As anybody who has picked up a newspaper or logged onto the Internet recently knows, retail giant Target and tens of millions of its customers were the victims of a holiday sea...

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TD Bank’s New Prepaid Card For Teens

TD Bank’s new prepaid card is aimed at helping parents teach their teenagers how to spend money wisely, albeit in a way that offers a sturdy safety net. “The development of smart spending habits is a journey and many parents wa...
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Target’s Woes Continue

While Target is scrambling to undo any lasting damage done by this high profile data thievery, there is evidence that the company still has plenty of work to do. Just three days after Target released its latest update on its se...