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How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams

False Labeling: Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond,, and J.C. Penny to Pay Penalties Totaling $1.3 Million for Mislabeling Rayon Textiles as Made of “Bamboo”

The Federal Trade Commission announced complaints and proposed court orders barring four national retailers from mislabeling and advertising rayon textiles as made of “bamboo,” and requiring them to pay civil penalties totaling...

Rushcard Glitch Locks Out Hundreds of Thousands from Accounts for Two Weeks

Student Debt Remains Part of Economic Instability

After four years of university study and several more for a second or third degree, students are left with tremendous debt and a big hole in their pockets. Despite attempts to stay within a budget, find secure employment and st...

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We’ve been waiting for you! First of all, welcome. We have been working hard for months now to put together a simple to use, informative and fun (call us crazy, we think it can be fun) website all about prepaid debit cards.

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